How These Technologies Are Disrupting the Health Care Industry

Innovation & technology in healthcare, in the last decade, has grown by leaps and bounds. Be it progress in clinical diagnosis & therapies or medical equipment technology, healthcare is experiencing advancement in every quarter. Immunotherapy, liquid biopsy, robot Da Vinci, 3D printing, etc. are great examples of disruption in medical treatment and technology. However, hospitals […]

New Trends In Healthcare Impacting Hospital Planning

Today hospital promoters are looking for considerable competences and more reasonable costs for hospital design and facility costs that can effectively complement the economies of scale into the other facets of the facility. Managements continuously strive to bring in operational efficiency and reduce costs of healthcare delivery especially when innumerable people follow a fee-for-service trend. […]

Integrating Medical Equipment Planning Into Hospital Planning & Design

Healthcare facilities today are making great efforts in providing higher quality care by building state-of- the-art facilities and adapting to newer design techniques. At the same time, Medical Equipment Planning as a service has transformed markedly since its conception. Yet, very few outside the medical fraternity knows and accepts the profound influence on patient experience […]

Organizational Structure of A Hospital

A hospital is a regulated organization with multiple departments. Like any other organization, it is essential to define a structure of operations at a hospital. The organizational model defines the framework, line of duty, communication roles and resource allocation. It also reflects the ethos of the organization. There are two broad forms of organizational structures […]

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Document Control in Healthcare

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) form the backbone of any organization. For a complex organization like a hospital with multiple process flows occurring simultaneously, SOP’s act as the guiding document. It helps streamline the multiple clinical and non-clinical processes thus resulting in smooth flow of hospital operations with consistent and quality outputs. However, more often than […]

Friendly Hospital Architecture & Designs for The Physically Challenged

Hospital layouts are designed keeping in mind the ideal location of the departments, their inter-relationships and the work flow pattern, amongst other factors. Every department is planned keeping in mind the convenience of the patients leading to patient friendly designs. With the revision of the Disabilities Act of 2016, it is important to have barrier […]