Online Advisory for Healthcare Facility Planning & Operations

Hospitals and healthcare organizations invariably need to benchmark themselves against their peer hospitals to better understand and gauge their own level of operations. This allows them to equip themselves with the right tools to facilitate further improvement and streamlining of their services and operations. This ultimately leads to the end goal – customer satisfaction. Based on over three decades of experience, Technecon Healthcare provides insightful information that enables, hospitals and healthcare facilities to not only address operational gaps but also improve performance.

We provide advisory on hospital equipment, patient furniture and Medical Gas Pipeline System (MGPS)

  1. Department-wise list
  2. Technical specifications and details for site planning
  3. Pricing based on level of technology
  4. Recommended vendors based on equipment type/technology
  5. Techno-commercial analysis facilitating procurement

We assist clients with staffing related data

Human Resources

  1. Organogram & Department-wise list of personnel
  2. Optimum number of personnel based on type and level of services
  3. Job profiles
  4. Recruitment assistance

We provide technical inputs essential for architectural planning

Facility Design and Planning

  1. Department-wise area program
  2. Power load and weight load for medical equipment that impact design
  3. Typical Room Data Sheets incorporating equipment, furniture, utility, electrical, air-conditioning requirements and interiors material requirements