Effective Hospital Administration

From the ambulance drivers, administrative staff, doctors, to the hospital administrator, hospitals function with the co-operation of individuals with a variety of specializations. These individuals are grouped together to form independently operating departments that must in turn function in perfect harmony.  Effective hospital administration entails ensuring that the hospital functions smoothly, is successful and profitable. […]

Evidence based Hospital Design in India

The healthcare environment has considerable effect on patient health and safety whilst enhancing staff efficiency and confidence. Today `Evidence-based Design’, as the foundation of any healthcare architect, besides augmenting the appearance of the hospital, greatly contributes to a more informed business sense. Studies in the past have amply revealed the unswerving relation between the physical […]

Sustainable Healthcare Architecture in India

Many healthcare architects believe that architecture is greatly dependent on study of human behaviour with regard to their environment, societal and cultural interactions. Thus good healthcare architecture should be based on the art and science of planning and designing hospitals keeping in view patients and people and their healing criteria and processes thus enhancing care-giving. […]

Hospital Management Consultants

“First do no harm” is the solemn oath made by every medical practitioner in the Hippocratic Oath. Why then do we see so many reports of deaths due to preventable medical errors every day? A report by Dr. Jha of the Harvard School of Public Health has recently estimated that medical errors account for over […]

Learn to Market Your Hospital Services

Business strategy, marketing is exactly that. It needs to be in place from the very onset of operations and then continuously revisited, revamped and executed in accordance with the need of the hour. In the 21st century no potential customer is out of reach considering marketing initiatives can traverse the globe and reach any intended […]

Essentials of Hospital Layout Designing

“A functional design can promote skill, economy, conveniences, and comforts; a non-functional design can impede activities of all types, detract from quality of care, and raise costs to intolerable levels.” …Hardy and Lammers In India, hospitals are considered as a complex of building types as it consists of a wide range of services and functional […]

Great Planning in Hospitals for Great Success

Indian healthcare is experiencing a paradigm shift. With an increase in insurance penetration, various new government health schemes and increase in healthcare expenditure, the need for establishment of more and more healthcare facilities is rising by the day in order to meet the strong demand for healthcare services. Healthcare facilities include hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, […]

Healthcare Architects Patient Comfort

As experts in our respective fields, it is easy for us to fall prey to the ubiquitous nature of professional jargon and the consequent ideas we implement in our work. Does this make us feel more knowledgeable and therefore more competent? Or are we just victims of this technical rigmarole that we are unable to […]