Healthcare Architects Patient Comfort

As experts in our respective fields, it is easy for us to fall prey to the ubiquitous nature of professional jargon and the consequent ideas we implement in our work. Does this make us feel more knowledgeable and therefore more competent? Or are we just victims of this technical rigmarole that we are unable to […]

Hospital Planning Consultancy Process in India

More often than not hospital projects face time overrun leading to cost overrun owing to loss of focus and direction, projects exceeding their budget, etc. These could be attributed to several factors of which the primary ones are poor decisions during the initial planning stages of the project; deficiency of information; poor judgement; or absence […]

Need for Medical Equipment Planning in India

Advances in Engineering and Information Technology in the recent years have brought about several changes in the field of Medical Science. Medical Equipment play a very significant role in the field of medicine and healthcare delivery system. Sophisticated biomedical equipment require adequate space and ceiling heights, appropriate location and a host of utilities like air […]