Barrier Free Environment for Disabled in India

Hospital layouts are designed keeping in mind the ideal location of the departments, their inter-relationships and the work flow pattern, amongst other factors. Every department is planned keeping in mind the convenience of the patients leading to patient friendly designs. With the revision of the Disabilities Act of 2016, it is important to have barrier […]

What impacts Hospital Planning & Design

It is imperative to recognise some of the primary concerns and developments that will act as drivers of health and hospital planning and design worldwide. Most architects overlook essential features such as environmental, physical, mental and spiritual health and wellbeing whilst designing hospital facilities. Demographics and Configuration of patient care Whilst designing a hospital, it […]

Concept of Healthcare Interior Designing

Modern day hospitals today strongly believe that the quality of patient care is being directly influenced by the quality of interiors in a healthcare environment. As a result, healthcare interior design has now gained its due importance in healthcare establishments to help patients heal holistically. Today hospital designers are trying to evolve hospitals beyond their […]

Micro Hospital vs Nursing Homes

In the western world the healthcare industry has seen the value that ‘micro hospitals’ offer. Healthcare providers are looking at such facilities to create a competitive edge by outspreading their brand to bridge gaps in the market by establishing small, comprehensive hospitals in neighborhoods where their people reside. They would provide the same services to […]

What is the Role of Hospital Consultancy Services in India?

It is often said that ‘prudence is recognizing what you don’t know’. Consultants help us in doing what we don’t know / understand. A consultancy is a professional practice that gives expert advice within a particular field. Birbal to Akbar and Chanakya to Chandragupta Maurya could be categorized as the earliest forms of consultancy. External […]

Delivering Quality Healthcare in India

Quality has become the buzzword for the healthcare industry. More and more emphasis is being laid on delivering quality service. High competition among healthcare players, emphasis on regularization of healthcare services, rise in the number of informed patients, easy access to healthcare information are some of the reasons for this growing importance being laid on […]


Healthcare sector today is undergoing rapid transformation in terms of quality service delivery, technology, operations, workforce management, etc. One of the key concerns today is “whether our hospital staff, the biggest asset of a healthcare organization, is abreast and well equipped with the expertise, required for undergoing these changes??” The answer, more often than not, […]