The Essence of Quality in Healthcare

There are various bodies that assure customers of a product or service meeting a quality standard that is premium in nature. For hospitals it is JCI and the more recently established NABH in India. How exactly though, should we define quality for a hospital or healthcare facility? Is quality just the perception a patient has […]

Hospital Accreditation Process

In the present scenario, quality is the biggest driver for any business to succeed. Quality remains at the heart of any business. Healthcare is one such industry where quality of care cannot be compromised at any cost. The healthcare landscape in India is very dynamic and operates in an environment having rapid social, economical and […]

Perspective on Hospital Accreditations in India

Accreditation by definition is a self-assessment and external peer assessment process used by healthcare organisations to accurately assess their level of performance in relation to established standards. Today, we have about 437 hospitals accreditated with NABH and 31 JCI accreditated organizations in India, which is a very small percentage in relation  to the total number of hospitals in the […]