Single Specialty Hospital Model in India

Hospitals are complex organizations with varied service offerings and operating models. Operating models for hospitals are ever-evolving, especially with the current rise in patient expectations and growing corporatization in the healthcare sector. Single specialty care delivery is one such model which is rapidly making its mark on the healthcare landscape of India. Patient friendly model: […]

Improving Patient Safety Measures in Hospitals

Patient safety is an area of concern for hospitals across the world. While quality focuses on improving efficiency of processes, patient safety focuses on avoiding bad events and mistakes. Patient safety includes medication errors, adverse events, patient falls etc. Although errors are common in any industry, in a hospital these errors can be life threatening […]

Refurbished Medical Equipment in India

Let us address one of the most common question of usage of refurbished equipment that hospital project owners often ask hospital / medical equipment consultants. The thought-process of the promotor behind considering refurbished equipment for his / her facility is quite fathomable considering the significant cost of medical technology. The avenue of refurbished equipment is […]

Importance of Human Resource Management in Hospitals

Human resource forms the backbone of any healthcare set up. A hospital is often defined by the quality of staff. Having qualified and experienced manpower directly impacts the quality of service provided by the hospital. However, human resource planning and management is something which is grossly neglected by hospitals and the consequences get reflected later […]

Approaching a green field hospital project as a promoter

The business world around the globe has become heavily cosmopolitan in recent years, by which I mean that stalwarts, business houses, groups and individuals have begun to participate keenly within industries other than the one/s of their interest and expertise. Healthcare is no different and as hospital consultants, we interact with several non-industry people that […]