Integrating Medical Equipment Planning

Healthcare facilities today are making great efforts in providing higher quality care by building state-of- the-art facilities and adapting to newer design techniques. At the same time, Medical Equipment Planning as a service has transformed markedly since its conception. Yet, very few outside the medical fraternity knows and accepts the profound influence on patient experience […]

Organizational Structure of A Hospital

A hospital is a regulated organization with multiple departments. Like any other organization, it is essential to define a structure of operations at a hospital. The organizational model defines the framework, line of duty, communication roles and resource allocation. It also reflects the ethos of the organization. There are two broad forms of organizational structures […]

Barrier Free Environment for Disabled in India

Hospital layouts are designed keeping in mind the ideal location of the departments, their inter-relationships and the work flow pattern, amongst other factors. Every department is planned keeping in mind the convenience of the patients leading to patient friendly designs. With the revision of the Disabilities Act of 2016, it is important to have barrier […]

What impacts Hospital Planning & Design

It is imperative to recognise some of the primary concerns and developments that will act as drivers of health and hospital planning and design worldwide. Most architects overlook essential features such as environmental, physical, mental and spiritual health and wellbeing whilst designing hospital facilities. Demographics and Configuration of patient care Whilst designing a hospital, it […]

Approaching a green field hospital project as a promoter

The business world around the globe has become heavily cosmopolitan in recent years, by which I mean that stalwarts, business houses, groups and individuals have begun to participate keenly within industries other than the one/s of their interest and expertise. Healthcare is no different and as hospital consultants, we interact with several non-industry people that […]

ICU Design and Layout

(part III) Clinical Support Area This area involves activities related to diagnosis and treatment of patients. Some of these may take place within patient rooms and hence this area needs to be well demarcated by the hospital architect. Nurse Station Whilst direct visibility of each patient is important, the central nursing station has a central […]

Hospital Design Concepts with Interactive Elements

Providing value added services to the patients has become an important element in order to sustain in this competitive world. Keeping this is mind hospital consultants and healthcare architects design hospitals with the help of new technologies that would attract patients and benefit the hospital.  Incorporating interactive elements in hospital design would enhance patient experience. […]