Standard Operating Procedure Document Control in Healthcare

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) form the backbone of any organization. For a complex organization like a hospital with multiple process flows occurring simultaneously, SOP’s act as the guiding document. It helps streamline the multiple clinical and non-clinical processes thus resulting in smooth flow of hospital operations with consistent and quality outputs. However, more often than […]

Barrier Free Environment for Disabled in India

Hospital layouts are designed keeping in mind the ideal location of the departments, their inter-relationships and the work flow pattern, amongst other factors. Every department is planned keeping in mind the convenience of the patients leading to patient friendly designs. With the revision of the Disabilities Act of 2016, it is important to have barrier […]

What is Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management

Every healthcare organization has to have effective processes and policies to stay financially healthy. This calls for a robust revenue cycle management (RCM). This is a very important financial practice that facilities management of clinical and administrative functions concerned with claims processing, payment, and revenue generation. RCM in healthcare begins from the time a patient first […]

Public Private Partnership in Healthcare in India

Despite some laudable accomplishments in the health sector, the picture is still wanting across all categories and strata of healthcare delivery. On one side the healthcare sector is burdened with paucity of clinical and nursing staff and rising costs, uneven quality and increasing demand whereas on the other hand factors such as life style diseases, […]

Uses of Information Technology in Healthcare

Health informatics, also known as Health Information Systems, is a subject which is at the epicentre of information science, computer science, and health care. It involves resources such as devices and methods requisite for augmenting the acquisition, storage, retrieval, and use of information in the healthcare sector. As IT has evolved, it has significantly impacted […]

Future of Healthcare Patient Engagement

Patient Engagement, as the word suggests, is engaging the patient in his/her own healthcare. For hospital consultants (clinicians) this means that engaging the patient in his/her own health not only assists in improving their healthcare outcomes but also helps increase patient confidence and satisfaction. The tools for patient engagement can range from simple steps like […]