Hospital Marketing Consultants in India

How would you like to receive a hatchback when promised a sedan? Or an ordinary dial pad cellphone as opposed to a smartphone? How about accommodation in a non air-conditioned, poorly furnished cottage while on vacation when assured of a suite in a five star hotel? We all want comfort, especially when we’re willing to […]

Hospital Marketing Strategy & Tips

I have established in my previous writings that the healthcare industry is as competitive as any, and that one must take cognizance of the fact that a healthcare facility needs to be showcased as diligently and consistently as any other business venture. I have also mentioned that one needs to use all the available marketing […]

Learn to Market Your Hospital Services

Business strategy, marketing is exactly that. It needs to be in place from the very onset of operations and then continuously revisited, revamped and executed in accordance with the need of the hour. In the 21st century no potential customer is out of reach considering marketing initiatives can traverse the globe and reach any intended […]