Setting up hospitals or healthcare service centers is a highly strenuous task. Nevertheless, with the introduction of total healthcare turnkey solutions, the process has become simple. Entrepreneurs who wish to set up healthcare services can take the professional help from hospital planning consultants. Moreover, the hospital management will also have to take care of a […]

Hospital Project Commissioning – Covers a Gamut of Services

The ASHE Health Facility Commissioning Guidelines defines “commissioning” as a process intended to assure that all building systems in a facility, including sustainable building technologies, are installed and perform in accordance with the design intent, that the design intent is consistent with the owner’s project requirements, and that operations and maintenance staff are adequately prepared […]

Healthcare Trends Impacting Hospital Planning in India

Today hospital promoters are looking for considerable competences and more reasonable costs for hospital design and facility costs that can effectively complement the economies of scale into the other facets of the facility. Managements continuously strive to bring in operational efficiency and reduce costs of healthcare delivery especially when innumerable people follow a fee-for-service trend. […]

Integrating Medical Equipment Planning

Healthcare facilities today are making great efforts in providing higher quality care by building state-of- the-art facilities and adapting to newer design techniques. At the same time, Medical Equipment Planning as a service has transformed markedly since its conception. Yet, very few outside the medical fraternity knows and accepts the profound influence on patient experience […]

What impacts Hospital Planning & Design

It is imperative to recognise some of the primary concerns and developments that will act as drivers of health and hospital planning and design worldwide. Most architects overlook essential features such as environmental, physical, mental and spiritual health and wellbeing whilst designing hospital facilities. Demographics and Configuration of patient care Whilst designing a hospital, it […]

Public Private Partnership in Healthcare in India

Despite some laudable accomplishments in the health sector, the picture is still wanting across all categories and strata of healthcare delivery. On one side the healthcare sector is burdened with paucity of clinical and nursing staff and rising costs, uneven quality and increasing demand whereas on the other hand factors such as life style diseases, […]

How to Build Hospitals in Limited Space?

These days everybody is looking for a good environment, lifestyle, education, job opportunities etc. and would like to migrate to places/ cities that have these facilities. Such developed and developing cities would usually have large populations as compared to other cities and towns and would be relatively more expensive. If we consider such places for […]

What is the Role of Hospital Consultancy Services in India?

It is often said that ‘prudence is recognizing what you don’t know’. Consultants help us in doing what we don’t know / understand. A consultancy is a professional practice that gives expert advice within a particular field. Birbal to Akbar and Chanakya to Chandragupta Maurya could be categorized as the earliest forms of consultancy. External […]