Integrating Medical Equipment Planning

Healthcare facilities today are making great efforts in providing higher quality care by building state-of- the-art facilities and adapting to newer design techniques. At the same time, Medical Equipment Planning as a service has transformed markedly since its conception. Yet, very few outside the medical fraternity knows and accepts the profound influence on patient experience […]

Role of Medical Equipment Planning

Medical equipment plays a significant role in the field of medicine and patient care.  In recent times, there has been constant innovation and advancement in medical technology, increasing awareness among people, dependency of medical professionals on these equipment, and rising competition among hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Medical technology has become an even more crucial […]

Procurement Of Medical Devices

Medical technology procurement practice has to be effective such that the outcomes lead to safe, equitable and quality health care. Procurement is a fundamental constituent of unbiased access to health care. Poor practices lead to substandard provision or performance of health technology. The medical devices procured must offer economic advantage. This does not necessarily mean […]

Medical Equipment Planning & Purchases

Medical equipment planning and procurement is a crucial element in planning and establishing hospitals. This process begins as early as the Detailed Project Report stage and goes hand in hand with the architectural planning & construction of a hospital.  The flowchart given below delineates the different processes under medical equipment planning & procurement for hospitals. […]

Medical Equipment Planning

The success of healthcare design and construction project is greatly dependent on a strong focus on the patient care and the application of technology. Today in India, medical technology has become a critical component of healthcare, as it enables health-care providers to diagnose, treat, monitor and provide therapy to patients appropriately and adequately. When we […]