Technecon Healthcare Corporate Profile

It is said: ‘prudence is knowing and recognizing what you don’t know’.

Successful establishments depend on professional consulting and advisory assistance to enable risk minimization and to achieve their goals. This applies to both new hospital ventures and existing healthcare facilities. Hospital consultants, using their experience, add an essential and critical dimension to healthcare projects belonging not just to new entrants in the industry, but also to experienced hospital management teams and administrators.

We endeavour not to do our client’s job for them, but to prepare them do it to the best of their abilities. This eventually allows them to obtain fruition of their vision and experience the personal satisfaction of having done so.

Our organization has been associated with over 90 major hospital and healthcare projects in India and overseas, providing customised solutions for the entire spectrum of healthcare institutions.

Our Vision:

“Providing services through an interactive approach with unsurpassed service, quality and creativity.”

Why choose us

Industry experience

We have valuable expertise as healthcare consultants of over “nine decades of collective experience across several practices in the healthcare sector, pertaining to both new hospital and healthcare projects, as well as existing healthcare facilities and businesses”.

Thought leadership in healthcare consultancy

As pioneers in the field of healthcare consultancy, we are constantly contributing to improvements in the existing healthcare framework

Continuous client engagement and involvement

We visualise and implement your ideas right about your healthcare project from inception through project completion.

Professional & personalised approach

Our professional, customized and well thought through solutions adequately address client specific needs

Versatile team

Our expertise is equipped to address a range of client challenges