Planning hospital waste management

Hospital Waste Management Color Chart Hospitals generate a lot of bio-hazardous waste, along with the routine domestic waste. This waste needs to be managed effectively in order to ensure that there is no damage to the environment and to the society. Furthermore, it is also essential for hospitals to plan their hospital waste management efficiently […]

Eliminate fears & doubts about medical equipment planning

While clinical services at a healthcare facility are of utmost importance, the healthcare fraternity as a whole have begun to realize the value of the support and solidity provided by the administrative and operations teams at a hospital. Hospitals are now implementing modern technology, modern design techniques and state of the art facilities in order […]

Hospital Project Commissioning – Covers a Gamut of Services

The ASHE Health Facility Commissioning Guidelines defines “commissioning” as a process intended to assure that all building systems in a facility, including sustainable building technologies, are installed and perform in accordance with the design intent, that the design intent is consistent with the owner’s project requirements, and that operations and maintenance staff are adequately prepared […]

Project Feasibility Study

It’s easy for us to get excited about ideas that come into our minds and we invariably may want to act on them right away. I have had discussions with several prospects that have approached me with grandiose ideas and want to move into implementation immediately, without incorporating a systematic and comprehensive due diligence process […]

Role of Medical Equipment Planner

A hospital project undergoes various stages of evolution from conceptualization and viability surveys, budgeting, architectural planning and design, construction and much more. Amongst the various activities executed, the hospital consultants perform an important process called medical and allied equipment planning and provide procurement assistance right till the commissioning of the hospital. This process commences with […]

The Role of Human Resource Management in a Hospital

Human resource management is a highly critical undertaking in any industry, as they manage the most important asset of any organization: human capital. And the healthcare industry is no different. In fact, in an industry like healthcare where we need undeniable technical skills, prioritizing skills, time management skills, as well as compassion, the employees in […]

Hospital Management Emerging Trends in 2019

Hospitals are an important part of any health system. They are complex organizations owing to a wide multiplicity of objectives and goals. Hospital personnel range from highly skilled and educated clinicians and managers to semi and unskilled employees. With innovations in technology, economic and statutory pressure and customer demands, the convolution of hospital management continues […]

How to Optimize Support Services for efficient Hospital Management?

Imagine an Operation Theatre without sterilized instruments, an Intensive Care Unit without clean linen, an in-patient room without food for its occupants or a general ward without security. Seems incomplete and incompetent, doesn’t it? These ancillary services viz. Central Sterile Supply Department, Linen, Dietary, Security, etc. comprise of support services at a hospital. These services […]

Online Hospital Consultancy in India: A Fad or Market Reality?

Smart hospitals in India  Every healthcare facility needs to identify shortcomings in terms of their technology, processes, infrastructure, manpower skills, financial judiciousness, and above all patient centric approach. While a fair number of healthcare institutions have spent years getting by with average facilities and practices, the “this has always worked for us and therefore we […]