Hospital Project Consulting in India

Project conceptualization is of paramount importance for any endeavour that precedes its associated decision making processes. The healthcare consultant’s knowledge and experience helps define the roadmap for it’s execution and desirable outcomes. Project consultancy offers a holistic view and robust roadmap at the inception of any project.

For all healthcare organizations, planning must incorporate accurate, in-depth knowledge of the perceptions and attitudes of many stakeholders. These include patients and their families, clinicians, hospital staff, healthcare planners, community leaders and regulators.

Technecon’s team of hospital project consultants is experienced in market survey, focus groups and executive interviews, and other forms of opinion research. The assessment integrated from such primary research along with secondary data helps support meaningful decisions.

Technecon develops demographic, economic and social forecasts for defined market areas. Depending on the context, we combine published data with our own forecasts of market conditions to determine gaps and opportunities. Forecasts for planning hospitals take into account health demographics, disease profiles, morbidity, household characteristics, healthcare seeking patterns that leads to effective decision making.

Models have been developed to forecast demand for healthcare services. We can project demand in terms of events, revenues and resource requirements. Our methodology allows us to present multiple forecast scenarios thereby permitting our clients to explore alternate scenarios.

A demand estimation based on Gap Analysis is imperative in indicating the need for specific services based on demography and related parameters. Whilst estimating the present demand, it is essential to highlight the projected needs of the future. This enables the healthcare provisions to remain current at all times in future.

Services integrate financial, operational, clinical, strategic, facility, and technology matters to provide clients with the information needed to make fiscally responsible and informed decisions. This integrated approach allows the promoters of the project to address the financial impact of their venture during the planning process. This pro-active approach improves the ability of the management to allocate resources appropriately. It further ensures that the project momentum is not impaired through the pursuit of initiatives that the organization cannot afford.

The DPR comprises:

  • Gap Analysis
  • Patient Volume Estimation based on Market Survey
  • Operating Revenue & Expenditure Projections
  • Staffing Matrix with Estimated Salaries
  • Project Cost Estimation
  • Financial Statements and Ratios

Information Technology plays a very crucial role in the healthcare sector today. Patient data management through the Admission / Discharge / Transfer process is very essential. The management of all clinical and non-clinical data of each patient is important. Equally necessary is the financial data management with regards to patient charges and billing.

Finally, the management needs to track the performance of the hospital with the help of tools such as the Management Information System (MIS). This enables it to keep track of the hospital’s functioning by analysis of its financial indicators and thereby ensure optimum performance. The variety and complexities of Hospital Information Management System (HIMS) systems are many. It is essential not only to select the appropriate application but also to decide on the applicable modules. These vary with the size and type of a hospital and can be procured in a phased manner.

Technecon offers its expertise in:

  • Recommendation of Appropriate Application Modules
  • Review of Various Available Applications
  • Hospital Information Management System (HIMS) Selection Assistance
  • Overseeing Commissioning

People are a major strength in any organization. We make concerted efforts in selecting the most appropriate staff for the institution. Job descriptions are designed to suit every category of service provider. Whilst hospitals aspire to engage the best skills in the industry, it is even more essential to hone their skill sets further and keep them sharp at all times. Hospital project consultants at Technecon not only assist the client with selecting appropriate staff but also prides in conducting training programs at various levels ensuring high quality of patient care and enabling the staff to stay sharp and abreast with the demands and current practices.
The complex services and the wide spectrum of activities involved in any healthcare delivery activity require staff with varied skills. It is therefore most essential to standardize these activities and functions for an effective and qualitative service. Our custom developed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) encompass all the essential departments, services, activities and train the staff to comprehend the implications and adhere to the formats and procedures.

  • Workforce Planning
  • Preparation of Job Profiles
  • Development of HR Policies
  • Training Assistance

Development of Hospital Policies & Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Every hospital is built with a vision to provide patient care as a part of a social obligation and yet to ensure sustainability and growth. The need to develop, change and upgrade is imperative and an institution has to be proactive to the constantly evolving techniques and technologies as well as growing patient demands. Seamless functioning of any organisation relies on operational transparency and clear and crisp policies. Technecon helps build an institution that imbibes policies, procedures and strategies related to management, patient, staff, visitors and materials amongst others. The complex services and the wide spectrum of activities involved in any healthcare delivery mechanism require well defined policies, processes and procedures. Standardizing activities and functions for an effective and qualitative service thus becomes imperative. Technecon develops customized Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for various departments and services in keeping with the hospital policies

Designing Tariff Structure.
Benchmarking is a concerted effort to investigate and discover best practices that can be adopted by an institution to remain competitive at all times. Technecon performs cost analysis and price benchmarking resulting in an appropriate tariff structure for the hospital services.

Healthcare needs to be recognized as a marketable industry and like all commercial establishments, hospitals too need a business plan and marketing of products and services. To plan an appropriate strategy, it is essential to assess the community needs, research the healthcare demand and supply trends. With this, one can develop a service culture and delivery program that would enthuse the healthcare seeker. The hospital industry too is not devoid of competition. What is of prime importance is not just to provide a service that is applicable and state-of-the-art but to communicate it to the masses and market it meaningfully.

Our team of hospital project consultants provides various services in support of this activity in the form of creating marketing strategies, writing medical and training literature and manuals, creating visual aids and corporate films and undertaking event management.

Very often, the size and type of the project warrants multiple promoters to come together and venture into it. Then there are existing public sector hospitals looking for a public – private partnership. Technecon has the wherewithal to suggest strategies, policies, terms and conditions under which such alliances could take place. Having worked with several groups and organizations in the healthcare sector and being in touch with the international trends and norms, our experts would advise and formulate appropriate terms leading to a successful collaboration.

We believe that the future success and survival of high quality healthcare organizations is enhanced by their ability to associate with programs instituted by eminent organisations throughout the world. We assist clients to identify and promote their services.

Many a time, project promoters seek funding for their projects. Technecon advises and facilitates the type, extent and source of funding that the project requires.

As the Indian Healthcare sector globalizes and expands exponentially, the Medical Devices industry offers a big opportunity to manufactures and traders to expand their horizons. The route is not always easy and often on-ground consulting assistance by experts with medical device experience is valuable. The industry experts claim that, currently India is import dependent, nearly 70-75 per cent of all medical devices used in the country are imported. As project consultants, we help our clients craft a customized suit that fits their product launch and growth the best.

Entry in the Indian biomedical equipment business requires strategic planning as well as a comprehensive market analysis. Technecon offers comprehensive services ranging from systematic and in-depth market analysis, product’s potential for Indian market, entry strategies, exploring avenues for growth, identification of best distribution channels and establishment of sales network.

Our team of project consultants has over 40 years of healthcare industry experience in sales, marketing and business development. We offer advisory services to National and International Biomedical Device companies with respect to medical devices related Regulatory Affairs in India as well as for exploring the Indian healthcare market for establishing medical device business in India. We undertake qualitative analysis of the Indian healthcare market with reference to specific business strategies to be adopted by a new entrant or an existing medical equipment company.

Services offered are:

  • Assessment of Available Opportunities
  • Strategies to enter the Indian Market
  • Re-organisation of Current Marketing Strategies
  • Development of Distributor Channels
  • Establishment of Manufacturing Facilities (Own / Joint Venture)
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Regulatory Affairs

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